Welcome Message From Harv

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Get excited because in the next 8 weeks you’re going to learn…

  • The single most important component for increasing your wealth
  • How to become a master at managing your money
  • How to accelerate your path to financial freedom
  • Easy ways to build strong passive income structures so your money is working hard for you
  • How to leverage and compound your wealth through investing
  • Why contribution is so important for your financial success

Ready to begin your journey towards financial freedom? Please see the following steps to get started with your program

Step 1 : Fill in your 72 Beliefs Questionnaire

Make sure to PRINT it after you’ve filled it in as your need it for your first coaching call.

Step 2: Download the Workbook and Program Material

Make sure to go to our Resource Center to download the program’s Workbook AND the FFC Success Package with all the files and exercises you will need throughout the program


Step 3: Join our Facebook Group

Feel free to join our exclusive Facebook Group for Wealth Coaching students. Our Team Members and Coaches are excited to see you there!

Step 4: Show up and Commit

Success begins when there’s commitment. If you show up to your calls, complete your actions, and take your rewards, you will witness your life change right before your eyes.



Feel free to contact our amazing Client Care Team (support@harveker.com) and they will be happy to assist you!

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